On today’s show, Dr. Ben visits with the Wellness Navigators about carbs – how and when to add them, and being led by the Spirit in relation to diet.

You can get more information about Veritas, wellness education offered by Veritas, and archived radio shows at veritasmedical.com.

Dr. Ben begins by explaining why he invited the Wellness Navigators to join the show today. He goes in to how medical advice is based on theory…an educated guess, basically. He uses what is happening with the covid vaccine and the history of saturated fat to illustrate this.

6:33 – Dr. Ben explains how he uses the outline set out in the Bible for the foods he chooses to eat. With this, he explains the spectrum of God-foods and how your state of health at the time will dictate the foods you tolerate best. He feels like migrating up and down this spectrum is what is best for most people.

16:27 – Angie gives a short testimony of her health journey.

22:17 – Dr. Ben expands upon God-foods, specifically freshly-milled grains.

23:23 – Together, he and Angie talk about migrating along the God-food spectrum and how this may be an ebb-and-flow through the rest of her life.

27:03 – Angie brings up the subject of calories and how she had naturally calorie restricted because she wasn’t as hungry in ketosis.

29:20 – After the break, Dr. Ben talks about the “either/or” mentality.

31:33 – Nicole shares a short testimony of her journey in adding carbs.

37:17 – Dr. Ben asks the navigators to share the issues that have come up during their visits with patients.

40:44 – Dr. Ben and Nicole touch on fasting – why you fast and how you can’t trick your subconscious mind.

42:56 – Dr. Ben explains the new model coming to Veritas and how it will change things, encouraging patients to take responsibility for their own health, and really seek the Lord on what’s best for them.

47:06 – Dr. Ben talks about why the name of the show is You’re the Cure and why he chose the name Veritas for his clinic.

48:48 – Angie brings up the role unforgiveness plays in a patient’s health…more so than their diet. Dr. Ben and the navigators go in to how this is a deeper issue than just the food you put in your mouth.

49:05 – Dr. Ben closes by sharing how all of our education is shared with the goal of revealing places you may be deceived, helping teach you how to deal with that, and then being who God made you to be.