On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Jolene McCord to highlight the Veritas Peace pillar.  You can follow Jolene at heartofforgiveness.org. 

You can get more information about Veritas, wellness education offered by Veritas, and archived radio shows at veritasmedical.com.

Dr. Ben begins by sharing why the peace pillar is the most important of all of our pillars, and how one will only experience temporary relief without addressing the spiritual.  You can listen to Dr. Ben’s apologetics series here – https://rumble.com/vjrg4v-dr.-ben-edwards-why-i-believe-part-1.html 

Dr. Ben welcomes Jolene and asks her to share a bit about what brought her to where she is today.  Jolene spends the first half of the show sharing her testimony.  During this, she shares many stories of healing that she has witnessed in her time in the ministry.

You can follow Jolene ad get more information about the conference in Lubbock July 20-24, 2022 by going to heartofforgiveness.org.

Dr. Ben welcomes us back from the break by talking about the science behind unresolved emotional conflict.  It makes definitive changes in the cell, tightening the double-helix DNA. 

Jolene finishes out the show with the testimony of her back and migraines being completely healed, along with sharing a few more healing testimonies from others.