On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews John Scordos on the healing power of light therapy and the device he created, PL2020. You can find out more about John and his device at http://www.ascepimed.com.

You can get more information about Veritas, wellness education offered by Veritas, and archived radio shows at veritasmedical.com.

Dr. Ben begins by sharing his interest in light therapy, which was amped up by an article he recently read, “The Cure that Time Forgot”. He explains that most people can improve their health drastically with the four pillars, but others need a little more help through therapies, like the PL2020.

5:00 – Dr. Ben welcomes John, and John tells a little about what brought him to where he is today, as well as sharing a little history about how he came about creating the PL2020.

9:20 – John shares a few testimonies of people using his device.

10:17 – John explains the effect of light in the body and how his device works in activating the body’s own immune system.

11:50 – John shares some of the testing they have seen in using the light therapies with covid patients.

12:30 – John speaks to the cost and effectiveness of his machine, the importance of nutrition, and the benefit of adding light therapy to people with chronic issues.

16:50 – Dr. Ben has John describe the procedure.

24:00 – John explains in depth the telomere and some of the anecdotal stories that have an impact on this.

26:25 – Dr. Ben expands upon the telomere.

28:10 – John shares some resources he recommends – the book, “Into the Light” and his website, ascepimed.com.

29:57 – After the break, Dr. Ben asks John to clear up any confusion that may come with someone hearing the words “ultraviolet light”.

34:00 – Together, Dr. Ben and John discuss some of the history surrounding ultraviolet light and how the equipment used with his machine makes the therapy so successful.

37:40 – Dr. Ben shares the testimony of a past employee that encouraged him to look in to the PL2020.

40:18 – Dr. Ben brings up the subject of ultraviolet light in relation to finding something to work in times of crisis/pandemics, and some of the published data there is out there. John responds with why he thinks the therapy isn’t more widely spoken of or promoted in media outlets.

49:45 – John shares how the therapy is now a part of a cancer center on the west coast, which will help label the device as a medical therapy. This will, in turn, help encourage insurances help pay for the therapy after it is able to get the FDA stamp of approval.

52:40 – To end the show, Dr. Ben and John discuss the need for data and informed consent. John also shares some information pertaining to the light therapy and issues related to the brain.