On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Paul Connett. Dr. Connett begins the show by sharing an active lawsuit that his advocacy network has with the EPA over fluoride and its relation to neurotoxicity. It seems, at the time, that favor is on his agency’s side. Next, he shares his history and how he got to where he is today, even having been brainwashed himself. The tragic truth seems to be that “health agencies” are putting the health of childrens’ teeth above the health of their brain. Several studies, that are featured on their website (fluoridealert.org), unequivocally prove that the use of fluoride is neurotoxic and lowers IQ. Dr. Connett goes into the financial corruption present that blocks the obvious need to cease adding fluoride in to public drinking water. During the second half of the show, Dr. Connett answers a listener’s question and explains how policy on fluoride in water was enacted. He also goes through several studies that reveal the dangers of fluoride for fetuses and small children that have been completely ignored. Finally, he and Dr. Ben discuss the ignorance of the agencies enforcing these rules and consequences of ignoring this science.