On today’s show, Dr. Ben talks diet. Any diet that deviates away from the Standard American Diet (SAD) will be an improvement for your health. The sugar, fortified grains, and bad fats present in the SAD diet create an environment for disease. Overall, Dr. Ben recommends making your way back to an ancestral style of eating and not wrapping your identity around one certain ‘diet’. At Veritas, we tend to promote a clean, ketogenic diet due to the severity of health problems in the patients we treat. Its anti-inflammatory nature really helps our patients see drastic health improvements. Fasting is another great tool to help lower inflammation. Managing disease is what is taught in medical school. There are ways to manage them, but not without consequences. Dr. Ben shares why, of the 4 Veritas pillars, peace is the most important. He also gives some practical tips on how to manage stress, reminding people that most of these modalities are temporary. Getting to the root cause is critical, which is usually a spiritual matter.