On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Morley Robbins for First Mondays with Morley. You can find more about Morley at rcp123.org.

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Dr. Ben begins by sharing the sad statistics of how sick our population is today. He summarizes what Dr. Kelly from Hopkins speaks to – how important the mitochondria are. When you have mitochondrial disfunction, you are more susceptible to illness.

4:33 – The WHO came out in January saying to lower the cycle threshold on the PCR test and tighten up diagnostic criteria for covid 19. NIH also changed their recommendation of ivermectin from “don’t recommend” to “neutral”. You can find more about ivermectin at covid19criticalcare.com.

7:42 – All-cause mortality

10:35 – Dr. Ben welcomes Morley and touches on what they plan to speak about – ivermectin and mineral imbalance.

11:42 – Morley responds to Dr. Ben’s opening words. He explains how iron has an impact on what he shared.

13:38 – Morley shares a study from 2008 that used bioavailable copper to kills the SARS virus.

16:44 – Morley speaks to people who feel the need to have control. This past year has taken control from everyone, and they have lost many minerals in this process. It is important for everyone to restore and regain these minerals.

17:39 – Morley gives some thoughts on ivermectin and regular de-worming.

20:50 – Morley shares some information about a study on myelin and parasitic infection.

25:25 – Dr. Ben recaps how all of the diseases that we see today are “new”. We didn’t see these kinds of things years ago when the majority of people had healthy mitochondria because of their diet and lifestyle.

27:20 – Dr. Ben brings up past studies about cancer cells and mitochondria.

You can find more about Morley Robbins and get his e-book at rcp123.org.

28:52 – Dr. Ben shares some of the work from Dr. Weston A. Price.

32:27 – Dr. Ben shares a text he received from Morley and goes in to how food and supplements have changed causing changes in the health of the population.

34:37 – Dr. Ben expands upon supplemental, synthetic vitamin D and how many of the studies are half-truths.

39:17 – Morley shares a synopsis of his thoughts surrounding vitamin D.

42:32 – Dr. Ben speaks to some of the corruption in the pharmaceutical industry, coupled with the media.

44:44 – Censorship

47:00 – https://trialsitenews.com/broward-county-doctor-using-ivermectin-off-label-combo-on-covid-19-patients-it-is-working-secures-county-health-protocol-approval/

48:30 – Dr. Massey speaks deeper into a few things Dr. Ben brought up in his built-in mask talk.

47:54 – Statins

49:30 – Dr. Ben provides some clarification on informed consent and closes by encouraging people to look in to some of the truths surrounding the vaccine that aren’t being disclosed.

They both end by encouraging the listener and giving them some practical tips on how to get back on track.