On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Joel Salatin with Polyface Farms.  You can follow Joel and his work at https://www.polyfacefarms.com.


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Dr. Ben begins by sharing the history in medicine and stewarding the body, which leads in to a discussion about stewarding the land.


6:25 – Dr. Ben introduces Joel and asks him to share a bit about the background concerning his land.  In this, Joel explains how the land looked upon his family’s arrival and where it is today.


11:49 – Dr. Ben goes into the benefits of the microbiome in the soil and how they affect our food.  These microbiome also play a big role in climate change and rain fall, which Joel speaks to in detail.


18:03 – Dr. Ben shares a story of a farmer in Mexico who gets a significant amount more rain than his neighbors because of his practice in stewarding the land.


18:48 – Joel shares about his most recent trip and seeing bare land all around him.  He encourages farmers to tap in to the resources we have available to properly steward the land.


20:00 – Dr. Ben paints a comparison of the health care system and the way we have cared for our land.


21:15 – Dr. Ben asks Joel to share the impact of the system he uses to care for his cows in winter.  He and his father came up with a plan that saves the nutrients from the manure throughout the winter while the grass is dormant.  This process involves both the cows and pigs on his land.


26:33 – Dr. Ben shares how this process was the most impactful thing he learned while visiting Polyface Farm this past summer.


28:15 – After the break, Dr. Ben shares why he is so interested in righteous agriculture.


31:29 – Joel shares some insight relating to the current push of “animals are bad for the environment.” Joel speaks specifically to the impact that herbivores have on the land through the process of moving, mobbing, and mowing.


37:44 – Dr. Ben encourages the local ranchers to look into this process that Joel is sharing today.  He then asks Joel to give his thoughts on the current political climate.  This leads the two of them into a conversation about this.


49:08 – Dr. Ben asks Joel to speak about feeding the world and food security using his regenerative farming technique.  In explaining this, Joel shares how intricate and beautiful our Creator’s original design is.


54:48 – Joel closes by sharing ways you can follow him and get involved in his pursuit of righteous land stewardship.


56:10 – Dr. Ben closes by thanking Joel for coming on the show and encouraging the listeners to check out his work.