On today’s show, Dr. Ben talks about the double-standard regarding safety and efficacy of the covid vaccine.

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Dr. Ben begins by summarizing last week’s show with Dr. Hooker and his vaccine study. You can listen to that past show at veritasmedical.com. He also shares truths about the current gene therapy being falsely described as a vaccine.

2:50 – Dr. Ben shares the latest CDC and VAERS data. You can find this information at
https://www.cdc.gov and https://vaers.hhs.gov

5:05 – Informed consent

5:50 – When reality is not truth – the vaccine does not prevent covid, transmission, hospitalization, death, etc.

6:57 – Does Ivermectin and/or Hydroxychloroquine prevent these things?

10:15 – Corruption in the vaccine industry

16:35 – Cognitive dissonance

18:38 – Root Cause Resolution

27:10 – Submitting to a lie

28:05 – Prophylactic, treatment, and hospital studies at covid19criticalcare.com.

28:35 – Survival odds

30:33 – Bias

34:02 – Evidence-based medicine

42:34 – Media, Therapies, and Dr. Ben’s experience with the spirit of fear

47:01 – Texas Health and Human Services Committee hearing. You find this hearing at
https://senate.texas.gov/cmte.php?c=610. Their testimony begins at 3:47.

49:16 – Gene-Therapy

50:00 – Historical outcomes for coronavirus vaccines

54:18 – Vaccine Scientists

56:02 – Adverse Reactions

1:00 – Independent Journalists: mercola.com, healthimpactnews.com, greenmedinfo.com, childrenshealthdefense.org, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPn4FsiQP15nudug9FDhluA