Today on YTC, Dr. Ben interviews his sister, Emily Edwards and her business partner, Brooke Wagner who are both doctors of physical therapy. Dr. Ben shares how weight loss is more diet-related than trying to burn more calories through exercise than you put in. Exercise is more for fitness and longevity. Brooke and Emily both share their journey in what led them to a more functional approach to physical therapy. Brooke explains a recent research study that shows that a short session of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is as effective as 150 minutes of pounding the pavement through running. HIIT has many benefits from increasing autophagy and protecting against injury, amongst many others. The ladies give examples of how to create a HIIT workout in several different environments. Brooke describes the process and benefits of ‘Super Slow’ weight training…even at home! Emily shares some statistics that support resistance training and how these statistics also relate to kids. Dr. Ben speaks to the importance of not being sedentary and being mindful about moving often throughout the day. Brooke and Emily summarize how each age group – kids, middle age, and elderly – can make purposeful movement each day to keep their body strong.