On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Zhanna, who will share her personal health testimony.


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Dr. Ben begins by sharing why we are highlighting testimonies on the show.


1:56 – Dr. Ben introduces Zhanna to the show and asks her to share a bit of her backstory in where she came from and what encouraged her to seek out Veritas.  During this, she shares not only her journey, but what led to her realizes that the peace pillar is, in fact, the most important pillar.


13:37 – Dr. Ben asks her to share how far into the process she was when she saw improvement.  She shares how improvement was minimal until she truly dug into the peace pillar.


17:20 – Zhanna shares other stress management techniques she tried in her journey of getting to the root issue.


20:03 – Dr. Ben shares some of the misconceptions he had around prayer and thoughts.


22:21 – Zhanna shares some of the impacts she saw by beginning to take her thoughts captive.


23:25 – Dr. Ben shares the limits of western medicine and encourages the listeners to keep seeking the truth when their body isn’t functioning normally.  He goes on to describe how Veritas practitioners act more like detectives during their visits.


26:11 – After the break, Dr. Ben shares how impactful Zhanna’s story has been in reminding even him how great God’s design is.


28:06 – Zhanna shares her religious background in being a Muslim and converting to Christianity.


28:35 – Dr. Ben asks Zhanna to share what life was like during her upbringing – nutrition and lifestyle, wise.


32:10 – Zhanna describes what happened after she moved to the city and her diet changed significantly in progression of finally coming to the United States, specifically, her first trip to the grocery store here.  Shortly after being here, she realized this was a problem and began a deep dive in the journey of learning about food.


35:40 – Dr. Ben asks her to speak to the stressful event of her dad passing away and her country being in turmoil that initiated her health problems.  They go on to talk about the impact stress has on our health.


40:28 – Dr. Ben gives a detailed explanation of stomach acid and the GI system and how it is impacted by stress.


48:30 – Zhanna thanks Dr. Ben for that explanation and shares how her journey has been a daily decision to continue seeking out the truth.


40:43 – Dr. Ben explains the neurological tissue split in an embryo, which is why the gut is called the second brain.  Because of this, it makes it impossible to disconnect the body into separate parts and treat one without regard to another.


51:53 – Dr. Ben asks Zhanna to share what she would tell someone who asked her how to go deeper in the peace pillar.


56:02 – Dr. Ben thanks Zhanna for sharing her story that will encourage so many.