On today’s show, Dr. Ben does an open show sharing information and allowing listeners to call in for Q&A.

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Dr. Ben begins by sharing Ryan Cole’s work in testifying about the effects of the COVID 19 gene therapy shot.  He also shares some of the topics that are in the works for upcoming shows.

3:18 – Dr. Ben reads some scripture from Proverbs and discusses how it aligns with the times we are in.

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6:37 – Dr. Ben goes specifically into the current gene therapy being pushed on people today.

30:28 – After the break, Dr. Ben continues with some headlines and recent studies that have been published.

37:38 – Dr. Ben responds to a listener question about whether or not the Texas AG’s “crimes against humanity” suit has made it anywhere.

42:47 – Dr. Ben brings up the fat myth and the error in the work of Ancel Keys.  This leads into some information about statins and their “untouchable” status in medicine.