On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Dr. Michael Behe, author of “Darwin’s Black Box”. You can find out more about Michael Behe at michaelbehe.com.

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Dr. Ben begins by sharing his background in evolutionary theory and how it weakened his faith and caused doubt and unbelief. He touches on how peace is our most important pillar and how peace is in the spiritual realm, not just positive thoughts and/or stress management techniques.

2:48 – Dr. Ben introduces Dr. Michael Behe.

4:00 – Dr. Behe shares a little of his background and what brought him where he is today.

7:12 – Dr. Behe gives an historical account of what scientist long ago assumed (Creation) versus what most scientist today assume (evolution).

12:40 – Dr. Behe summarizes some of Darwin’s work and observations.

17:54 – Dr. Ben gives an explanation of natural selection and Dr. Behe explains how Darwin inaccurately used this as support of his theory.

24:32 – Dr. Behe speaks to the fact there are no known mutations that add information, which would render Darwin’s theory invalid.

27:34 – Dr. Behe shares some information about the polar bear and its genetics in relation to the brown bear.

30:20 – Dr. Ben speaks to the amount of information necessary in this process.

31:05 – Dr. Behe uses dog breeds to explain some of the ideas in the evolutionary thought. However, he explains what is really happening in the changing of the breeds.

37:07 – Dr. Ben reads a quote from Darwin that shows that Dr. Behe’s work actually disproves Darwin’s theory. Dr. Behe then expands upon what Darwin meant in this quote.

39:25 – What happens if we take Darwin at his word? What type of organ or system cannot be formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications? Dr. Behe uses the parts of a mouse trap to answer these questions and show how many things are irreducibly complex.

41:31 – Dr. Behe uses bacterial flagellum to explain irreducible complexity.

44:44 – Dr. Ben summarizes the point Dr. Behe was making and how those examples relate to the human body.

46:45 – Dr. Behe explains why, even though there have been no studies to prove Darwin’s theory, science hasn’t moved on from it.

49:27 – Niche theory

52:46 – Dr. Behe gives his opinion on why scientist are reluctant to admit intelligent design.

54:50 – Dr. Ben thanks Dr. Behe for his work.

55:20 – Dr. Behe reiterates that the latest science actually show intelligent design.

They close by sharing his books and recommended reading order. You can find these books at michaelbehe.com.