On today’s show, Dr. Ben gives a prelude to his talk tomorrow night and for the show next week.  He also opens the line for listener questions.


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Dr. Ben begins by sharing some information about Peter Breggin, who will be on the show next week.  He will begin his First Tuesday Talks again.  The first one will be “Wake Up West Texas” tomorrow night at 7:00 in the Underwood Cotton Exchange building next door to Veritas.


3:52 – Dr. Ben applauds Dr. Breggin’s work.  He also highlights some words of people speaking out against the Truth.  You can find more on our Telegram at https://t.me/VeritasMedical.


7:15 – He discusses masks and information from various studies that have recently come out, along with some of the changes that have appeared in requirements for developing baby milestones.


11:45 – Wade brings up Moderna petitioning the FDA about inoculating children under 6.  Dr. Ben responds with the extreme dangers of this.


14:58– Dr. Ben discusses an upcoming treaty that could pass allowing the WHO to have complete control over operations in a pandemic, superseding the constitution.


18:42 – Dr. Ben explains how things work in the plant system – plants send out signals to the environment for what they need, like rain, minerals, etc.  He also shares what Allan Savory found when he was charged with managing the land in the national parks where elephants were kept.


28:03 – After the break, Dr. Ben highlights the Veritas Wellness Navigators and how they can help you in your journey toward health.


29:00 – He goes into how diet and lifestyle contribute to disease and the consequence of being in a constate state of fight-or-flight.  Man messing with nutrients has done nothing but hurt health.


35:46 – Dr. Ben answers a question texted into the show:

Can we have more information on Marburg? Find information on truthforhealth.org.  He speaks specifically to chlorine dioxide and other oxidizing agents.  You can find more information on ozone from Dr. Robert Rowen, a doctor in California.  Your body has the ability to make all of these things, but fear shuts that down.


47:03 – Dr. Ben closes by sharing the topics of future First Tuesday Talks.