On today’s show, Dr. Ben summarized the Wise Traditions Conference that he attended and spoke at this weekend. The focus of his talk was on the loss of resiliency and wisdom in our culture today. He began with a couple of stories from Nutrition and Physical Degeneration about a Native American who helped non-native people heal scurvy and xerophthalmia using animal products. These ancient practices were lost with the introduction of the love of money. He also gives some recent statistics of how much the health of Americans has declined and his opinion of why this has happened. Iron fortification leading to iron toxicity is the basis of much of this. There are several side effects to iron toxicity, which Dr. Ben discusses. Iron is important, and Dr. Ben discusses why. However, he also shares how incredibly efficient our body is in recycling it. During the second half of the show, Dr. Ben shares several studies pointing to the toxicity of excess iron in the body. He finishes the show by sharing copper’s role in regulating iron and how to increase the copper in your body.