On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Dr. Jack Wolfson, the Paleo Cardiologist about America’s number one killer – heart disease. You can follow Dr. Wolfson’s work at thedrswolfson.com.

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Dr. Ben begins by sharing some information on the new COVID-19 variant that the media is reporting about. He also shares what it will take for him to listen to the media and the doctors that report on their stations. He then pivots to today’s topic by sharing some statistics about heart disease.

5:40 – Dr. Ben welcomes Dr. Wolfson to the show and asks him to share his thoughts on the COVID-19 vaccine.

8:52 – Dr. Ben brings up all-cause mortality and asks Dr. Wolfson to speak to that. He begins with studies on all-cause mortality in relation to statins and compares this to what he is seeing in his practice now.

13:10 – Dr. Ben shares a few stories from our clinic, colleagues of his, and people around the world who have seen some adverse reactions.

14:52 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. Wolfson to share what myocarditis is and how often he sees it in his clinic.

18:25 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. Wolfson to share some thoughts on pericarditis, specific to what Franklin Graham has recently experienced.

You can get Dr. Wolfson’s book for free at freeheartbook.com.

23:17 – After the break, Dr. Ben reminds the listeners why he transitioned from conventional medicine to a more holistic approach, touches on Weston A. Price’s work, and goes in to the changes in fats that we use in our kitchens.

26:47 – Dr. Wolfson shares how he believes we got off track in America in relation to heart health, specifically cholesterol in relation to the highly processed fats most people are consuming.

30:48 – Dr. Ben quotes from the book, “Fat and Cholesterol Don’t Cause Heart Attacks” about the Framingham Study.

32:07 – Dr. Wolfson responds to the following: Do you measure cholesterol? And, please differentiate between inflamed cholesterol and healthy cholesterol.

36:15 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. Wolfson to speak to the ratios on a basic cholesterol panel as a way to see whether someone is dealing with healthy or inflamed cholesterol.

39:04 – Dr. Wolfson shares the one test he would have every patient take if he were limited in what to order.

41:14 – Dr. Wolfson describes the steps he would take with a patient that is staying inflamed despite significant diet and lifestyle changes.

43:18 – Dr. Ben points out how supplements are not the way to health.

45:36 – Dr. Wolfson shares his favorite supplements.

49:38 – Dr. Wolfson answers a listener question about how much potassium to take.

50:29 – Dr. Ben closes by encouraging the listeners to spread this message far and wide.