On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Dr. Caroline Leaf. Together, they focus on our 4th pillar, Peace. Our thoughts have a tremendous impact on our terrain and health, in general. Dr. Leaf begins by sharing her journey towards studying the mind. She shares how nutrition is important, but if you don’t get your mind right, you won’t be able to digest or utilize that food properly. Your mind is 99% of who you are. Your mind, body, and brain are different things. Your brain and body respond to your mind. Because of this, you can’t fully heal by only addressing the physical. Dr. Leaf touches on how your stress response, and your view of your stress, affects your health. You can actually make stress work for you instead of against you when you acknowledge what is happening and become thankful for it allowing you to focus on and deal with the issue at hand. We should constantly be bringing our thoughts in to captivity and renewing our mind. Over 75% of disease can be traced back to a single thought. Dr. Leaf speaks to neuroplasticity and how the brain can actually change. As you think, your brain changes. Dr. Ben and Dr. Leaf discuss quantum physics, what it is, and how in the smallest part, everything is just a frequency of vibrations. Dr. Leaf ends her show by sharing some resources to help people take control of their mind.