On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews some friends you’ve heard on the show before – Ryen Burrus, Richard Smith, and Chad Wall.

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Dr. Ben begins sharing what brought about the subject of today’s show.  In this, he shares some quotes from Yuval Noah Harari, discusses our lack of properly stewarding the land and taking up the call given to us by our Heavenly Father.

7:00 – Dr. Ben gives a little background on the guests for today’s show and shares their desire and passion to focus on stewardship.

11:12 – Dr. Ben welcomes Ryen to the show and asks him to share a bit of his background and his heart on stewardship. 

17:17 – Dr. Ben encourages listeners not to let this subject invoke fear.  He goes on to discuss the water issues that are becoming more of a problem in our area.

 19:37 – Dr. Ben asks Richard to share some of his heart, and Richard speaks directly about spiritual authority.

22:38 – Chad joins the conversations and shares his background in agriculture and lack of knowledge in understanding how the Lord created agriculture to work.  He brings up the issues within our soil and how that directly affects the nutritional deficiencies in our food system.

31:38 – Dr. Ben chimes in to carry us in to the break and shares what they plan to discuss after the break.

32:46 – After the break, Dr. Ben asks Richard to expand upon and then wrap up what Chad brought up about the soil and water problems our area is experiencing today. He gives listeners a glimpse of what will take place on this new land they are acquiring.

39:32 – Dr. Ben shares the intricate system God has in place for the plants of the land actually sending signals in to the atmosphere to bring rain.

40:58 – Ryen comes back in to the conversation to share the vision he has as the developer, and how this actually came to be. You can find more information on the development or contact Ryen by e-mailing ryenb@icloud.com or us at info@veritasmedical.com.

53:11 – Dr. Ben closes by thanking the guys for being on the show, announcing the opening of the Merc, and sharing some great shows to listen to in order to get more information on regenerative agriculture.