On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Dr. Paul Alexander about the recent emergency use authorization for the COVID-19 gene therapy in children, ages 5-11. You can follow Dr. Alexander and his work at brownstone.org.

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Dr. Ben begins by sharing what they will be discussing today and a few of Dr. Alexander’s background and accolades.

1:53 – Dr. Ben welcomes Dr. Alexander to the show and asks him to share some information about his involvement in the initial response to COVID-19. He shares how the experience proved that the response was more about politics than science.

11:45 – Dr. Alexander goes in to detail about how the handling of this pandemic should have began by protecting the most vulnerable population, the elderly, and allowing the healthy people in society to go about freely so that the economy and life can continue.

16:30 – Dr. Alexander responds to Dr. Ben’s question about his opinion on early, outpatient treatments, like hydroxychoriquine. This brings up the subject of the politics involved, yet again, during the response. He shares the role the media played and how doctors were making political decisions that literally cost American’s their lives.

22:00 – Dr. Alexander brings up the subject of antibodies and how doctors used the waning of antibodies to push the vaccine, all while knowing that T cells are where immunity lies after antibodies disappear. He shares how, without doubt, the vaccine was the biggest, catastrophic public health disaster.

26:08 – After the break, Dr. Ben asks Dr. Alexander to speak to the VAERS reporting system.

29:53 – Dr. Alexander shares some details about a meeting at the HHS that he was invited to during the vaccine rollout and something that was said by one of the vaccine manufacturers that is very disturbing. Dr. Alexander tried to explain the dangers of trying to circumvent time, but it fell on deaf ears.

37:42 – Dr. Ben chimes in about the skewed data surrounding the vaccines and the lack of early, outpatient treatment.

38:50 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. Alexander to give his thoughts about the recent approval for emergency use of the COVID-19 vaccine in children. Specifically, he asks him to go in to the lack of informed consent and adverse reactions in this age group. Dr. Alexander gives his stance on how we should consider children already vaccinated and immune because of data and epidemiological studies that show this.

45:48 – Dr. Alexander shares how immunity for vaccine manufacturers should be taken off the table as we move forward if they are so confident in the vaccine. He unequivocally says that children have died and more children will die because of this vaccine.

49:50 – Dr. Alexander shares where you can follow his work: brownstone.org.

52:03 – Dr. Ben finishes the show by summarizing the information that Dr. Alexander shared and encouraging the listeners to try to look at all of this from a spiritual perspective and discern areas they may have been/still be deceived. He goes in to detail about the command for Believers to take thoughts captive.