On today’s show, Dr. Ben discusses several things surrounding covid. He begins by sharing how the majority of Americans aren’t reading labels on their food. If they did, they would find that what they’re eating isn’t really food, but processed food-like substances. He goes in to why the large-scale testing isn’t what we should be doing and how it isn’t telling the full story. There are many fallacies in how we are told to prevent flu and flu-like illnesses (such as coronavirus). Dr. Ben takes some time to expose those. He spends the second half of the show sharing about the interview that will air next week. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi will be talking about his book, “Corona, False Alarm?”. Dr. Bhakdi goes deep in to the facts relating to the mishandling of the response to coronavirus. Dr. Ben ends the show by talking about our foundational pillar, peace. He plans to devote several shows in the coming months to that pillar. He doesn’t want to address stress management, rather your thoughts and true peace.