Today, Dr. Ben interviews Griffin Cole, a biological dentist and naturopathic medical doctor out of Austin. Dr. Cole shares a bit of his background in how began and how he got to where he is now. Dr. Cole speaks to those who would argue that mercury doesn’t leach from amalgam fillings and why it continues to be used. He shares the history of amalgam, other country’s laws and regulations regarding it, and the irony of how it arrives and leaves an office in the face of the fact that it is approved to be used in the mouth. Dr. Ben and Dr. Cole discuss specific studies regarding the toxicity of mercury in the mouth. Dr. Cole gives some tips on picking a dentist to help properly care for existing amalgam fillings and ways to detox the body once the fillings are removed. Together, they discuss the ever controversial topic of root canals and the impact of ozone in the process of removing and/or having them. He discussed some misinformation from popular dental documentaries, how/why a failed root canal can affect someone’s health in other areas of the body, and options for replacing failed root canals. Dr. Cole finishes the show by sharing a study about the dangers of fluoride and his favorite toothpaste. You can find more information on this and other topics at