On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Steve Kirsch about the covid injection.  You can follow Steve’s work at https://stevekirsch.substack.com.

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Dr. Ben jumps right in by sharing the topic for today’s show.  The CDC just approved the covid injection for the childhood vaccine schedule.

You can find our last show with Steve Kirsch in the archive shows October 26, 2021.

2:32 – Dr. Ben reminds listeners what this injection actually is and some of the past safety concerns with mRNA therapies.  He continues with a list of felony charges against Pfizer and its employees.

5:54 – Dr. Ben welcomes Steve to the show and asks him to share the one thing he would tell a parent of a child facing this new vaccine schedule.  In his response, Steve includes VAERS and the under-reporting factor.

12:51 – Dr. Ben asks Steve to speak to the 80+ young doctors who have died in Canada after the vaccine mandate.

14:22 – Dr. Ben brings up athletes who have died of cardiac arrest.  You can find this information at goodsciencing.com.  Steve gives his thoughts on this.

15:32 – Steve talks about a famous bodybuilder and Mr. Universe that recently died after receiving the covid vaccine.  He had recently stated that he would be the test subject.  If he lived, everyone should apologize and consider the vaccine safe.  If he died, they should consider it unsafe.  Steve goes on to talk about another healthy gentleman dying after a vaccine, when he had in fact, just been vaccinated.

19:08 – Dr. Ben brings up a recent warning that was given to athletes about high endurance activity after receiving the vaccine.  Steve shares what he has learned about this warning and recommends no one get this shot.

20:36 – Dr. Ben shares the story of Dr. Aseem Molhotra’s dad, also a doctor, dying after his vaccine.  They were previously very supportive of the vaccine.  Steve shares what he has learned by talking to his family and discusses the lack of desire in people to find out why their loved ones are dying.

24:33 – Together, they discuss fatality rate in kids, which shows there is no reason to even discuss risk-benefit.

27:05 – After the break, Dr. Ben reminds listeners about his upcoming First Tuesday Talk, November 1st at 7:00 in the Underwood Cotton Exchange Building next door to Veritas.

27:27 – Dr. Ben asked Steve to speak to the 15-0 vote by the CDC to add the covid injection to the childhood vaccine schedule.

33:31 – Steve shares the many people he has tried to contact surrounding vaccine safety.  All of these contacts have gone unanswered and/or have been declined.

34:52 – Steve speaks to a recent article he wrote on Stamford asking doctors to give misinformation in order to combat vaccine hesitancy.  This leads in to a discussion about all of the misinformation being put out today, even by the AMA.

39:58 – Steve gives his opinion on why doctors aren’t looking at the data and/or speaking out when they do see the data.

44:20 – Dr. Ben applauds Steve about a recent interview with Dr. Ryan Cole about visceral fat loss.  He sees many people turning to the truth of health and taking their health into their own hands.  He closes by thanking Steve for being on the show today and encourages listeners to follow him on substack.