On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Steve Kirsch about some of the adverse reactions that are happening with the current COVID-19 vaccine that you may not be hearing about. You can contact and follow him through his LinkedIn account, https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevekirsch.

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Dr. Ben begins by sharing what they will be discussing today.

1:55 – Dr. Ben welcomes Steve Kirsch to the show and asks him to give a little background in to his story and what brought him to begin studying the vaccine adverse reactions.

5:54 – Dr. Ben brings up the million dollar wager that Kirsch has put up for anyone who can prove his data wrong. Kirsch goes deeper in to the details of his bet.

10:20 – Dr. Ben asks Kirsch to give a rundown of some of the people he has tried to reach out to regarding the safety of the vaccines.

15:40 – Kirsch speaks to the amount of censorship that is happening right now. You can follow him on Gab here – https://gab.com/stkirsch

20:07 – Dr. Ben brings up the subject of compensation for vaccine injury and mandates for the vaccine. They go in to detail about a 12-year-old girl who was paralyzed by the vaccine in the trial, yet no one has reached out to or compensated her.

26:00 – Dr. Ben shares how Kirsch has offered to debate the Biden administration on the facts surrounding the vaccine.

27:30 – Dr. Ben asks Kirsch to dive in to the data he has found. He shares the following websites: https://vaers.hhs.gov , https://openvaers.com

36:40 – Dr. Ben asks Kirsch to how he came up with multiplying by 41. He explains this, but also goes further in to detail about how they came up with some of their data through polls.

41:15 – Kirsch explains how you will not find data about the vaccine killing people because you don’t die from the vaccine, itself. You die from one of the symptoms of a side effect. Dr. Ben shares how doctors aren’t trained to look for the adverse reactions.

42:15 – Kirsch shares a story about a young friend in Canada who died in his sleep less than 24 hours later. This leads to other stories of other deaths that occur close to a vaccine, but they aren’t treated as an adverse reaction.

49:12 – Kirsch speaks to all-cause mortality and the randomized control trial. In this, he speaks specifically about children.

57:25 – Dr. Ben gives some comments contrasting the vaccine and early-outpatient therapy. Which has a higher safety profile? Where is the financial gain?

59:48 – Kirsch gives his final thoughts.