On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews J. Warner Wallace on our most important pillar, peace. J. Warner shares his background as a detective and how he journeyed from atheist to believer. He had to fight through not believing in God at all, to believing it could be true, to fully believing in God and realizing he needed a savior. His background work in cold cases, in many of which the eye witnesses were gone, equipped him to thoroughly test the accounts of the Bible for truth. His work found that they surpass the test of truth. Dr. Ben and Mr. Wallace discuss the differences in a naturalistic versus a supernatural worldview. This is a cause for much of the doubt in peoples’ minds. J. Warner helps explain why this isn’t as far-fetched as it may seem. He explains how abductive reasoning and explaining things beyond reason/possible doubt can help one wrestle with the unanswered doubts in their minds. He used his detective skills to go through 6 atheistic explanations for rejecting Jesus’s story and found they weren’t reasonable. Once he was willing to lay down his bias that nothing supernatural could occur, he realized that the Christian explanation is actually the most plausible. Interestingly, he was also able to break the conspiracy ideal by using his past experience in breaking conspiracies in cases. J. Warner finishes by explaining the physical phenomena in relation to the death of Jesus and touching on the differences in the gospels.