On this week’s show we finished our 2 part interview with Dr. Thomas Cowan about his book, “Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness.”  Specifically, we covered polio in the first half of the show and how a cell makes energy in the last half of the show.   We cover topics like:
-how the paralysis symptoms we call “polio” can actually come from different sources, not just one single “polio virus”
-the correlation between paralytic polio symptoms and pesticides like lead arsenic and DDT in the early and mid-1900’s
-how the polio virus has been part of our normal gut flora for thousands of years
-how most people with this virus never have a symptom
-a new theory on how cells make energy (hint: the mitochondria are just a “backup generator”)
-how the water inside our cells is actually in a 4th phase of “structured” gel-like water
-this intracellular structured water acts like a battery for our cells
-toxins can damage this intracellular water