On today’s show, Dr. Ben discusses the last Veritas pillar, peace. He begins the show by summarizing the conference on mitochondria that he attended this weekend. Overall, he found that several of these doctors agreed with him in believing that the single most important factor in mitochondrial health is peace. Sleep is a huge factor here. Your body needs time to repair and recover and most of it is done during your sleep. Staying up late, overusing electronics, and having larger feeding windows messes up our circadian rhythm, not allowing our bodies to recover like they should. The notable solutions to helping regulate the circadian rhythm were getting plenty of sunlight, suppressing your eating window, and turning off or limiting artificial light later in the day. However, you can only get a certain level of wellness using these strategies. Dr. Ben addresses a listener text asking how long it should take to heal. He finishes the show by encouraging the listeners to really wrestle with the things outside of time and space…who they are and why they’re here. When you really seek out the truth of this, then knowing the truth will set you free and this is what brings peace. Through this truth you can capture thoughts that are lies from the enemy. These lies are what create unnatural responses like fear, stress, anxiety, etc. We are meant to be at peace and have a sound mind. As you seek the truth, the lies become easier to spots and peace attends knowing the truth.