On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Dr. Rebecca Jackson, Chief Program Officer for Brain Balance.  You can follow her work at brainbalance.com

You can get more information about Veritas, wellness education offered by Veritas, and archived radio shows at veritasmedical.com.

Dr. Ben begins by sharing his love for kids and how hurt he is by the reality of chronic illness in children today.  He discusses the evolution of this over the years.

5:28 – Dr. Ben welcomes Dr. Jackson to the show and she comments on his introduction and how recent events have compounded the mental health crisis in our children.

8:44 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. Jackson to share a bit of her story and how she got to where she is today.  Dr. Ben follows this by reminding the listeners of the standardization of medical education.  Before this, healing modalities always supported the body’s ability to heal itself.

15:45 – Dr. Jackson shares the steps she took in beginning her professional work.

20:13 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. Jackson to share how people can partner with Brain Balance in their health journey…what does that partnership look like?

You can follow Dr. Jackson and her work at brainbalance.com.

25:19 – After the break, Dr. Ben shares a few announcements.

27:55 – Dr. Jackson shares the motivation behind her newest book, “Back on Track” and what exactly you will find in the book. You can find her book here – https://www.amazon.com/Back-Track-Practical-Guide-Thrive/dp/B0BQMDS85D

32:40 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. Jackson to share the approach she takes when treating the whole child.  In this, Dr. Jackson shares some of the foundational pillars in her practice.

36:26 – Dr. Ben brings up video games and their impact on the brains of children.  Dr. Jackson expounds upon this.

41:20 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. Jackson to share how parents can avoid needing Brain Balance after the birth of their children.

46:08 – Dr. Ben speaks to building resiliency in the body.  Dr. Jackson follows this with what listeners can gain by reading her new book.

51:19 – Dr. Jackson shares who exactly can benefit from the program at Brain Balance.

52:47 – Dr. Ben thanks Dr. Jackson for being on the show and encourages listeners to check out Brain Balance and Dr. Jackson’s new book