On today’s show, Dr. Ben shares about his sister’s new podcast that he was on called the Art of Wellness. This inspired him to go back over the pillars of health in an effort to reach the millions of Americans that are clueless about true health. Today’s talk will be on nutrition. Think about food going into your mouth as a nourisher or killer for your microbiome. Your microbiome is so important for your health. In order to make new cells, you need raw materials (amino acids, vitamins, and fats). If you don’t have the right mix of high quality raw materials, you’re going to build inflamed cells. Lower quality materials are more readily available and cheaper than the higher quality, which is a big reason disease is rampant in America. Dr. Ben also speaks to how agriculture impacts our enzyme health. Our minerals are depleted because our food is depleted. He shares the differences in using carbohydrates and ketones as your fuel source. Raw materials, co-factors, fuel, and microbiome are the core of the nutrition pillar. Food really matters and you have to do more than just supplement your microbiome. If you have good resiliency built in you through food, you should be able to walk through germ and disease states with no problem. Dr. Ben touches on God-food vs. man-food in relation to coffee and wheat. He closes by going through some fad healing diets and their relation to leaky gut.