On today’s show, Dr. Ben continues going through the Veritas four pillars, covering hydration. All liquids are not created equal in hydration. You need to stop drinking sugars. This doesn’t stop at soda, but also juices, and “sugar free” drinks. Those are likely sweetened with artificial sweeteners, like sucralose (Splenda), which kills your gut bacteria. Be cautious with caffeine and alcohol, which can dehydrate you because they are natural diuretics. Our food and environment can also dehydrate us. Sitting all day, eating processed foods, etc. all contribute to this. Try using food to help hydrate you. Chia seed pudding, raw vegetables, fresh fruits, etc. are very hydrating so you get nutrition and hydration at the same time. The slower process of digesting these foods allows you to absorb more of the hydrating properties than just guzzling a cup of water. Dr. Ben gives you some great ideas on ways to hydrate without constantly using the bore that plain water can bring. He speaks to different structuring devices and how to bring structured water right to your home. He also touches on the contaminants in tap water and their consequences on our health. Dr. Ben finishes the show by taking the talk into the quantum realm and how water changes at spoken words/song and has memory. We are mostly made of water and it makes sense to realize how impactful water, words, thoughts, etc. are. He gives some practical tips on choosing bottled water in the store.