Morley Robbins Part 3:

Today Morely and I discuss in more detail the problems with too much iron in the body.  We explain why iron cannot run around free in the body but must be properly escorted or chaperoned.  We drive home the distinction between iron in the blood vs iron in the tissue.  Anemia just means the iron is low in the blood but this is because it is all stuck in the tissue (causing inflammation).  We also discuss how important the copper-dependent enzyme called ferroxidase is because it is in charge of shuttling iron back and forth between tissue and blood.  When this copper enzyme is low then iron gets stuck in the tissue causing disease.  Morley explains how the immune system’s “pac-man” cells called macrophages get overloaded with iron and lead to autoimmune disease.  Towards the end of the show, we start to discuss specific disease like Multiple Sclerosis, Ulcerative Colitis and high cholesterol and how mineral imbalance can be at the root of these problems.  We will discuss other diseases and their relationship to mineral imbalance in the next show.