On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Dr. Jessica Rose. You can follow Dr. Rose’s work at https://i-do-not-consent.netlify.app.

You can get more information about Veritas, wellness education offered by Veritas, and archived radio shows at veritasmedical.com.

Dr. Ben begins by sharing the topic of today’s show and a bit of the history of vaccines.

5:15 – Dr. Ben introduces Dr. Rose and she shares some of her personal story and what brought her to where she is today.

7:09 – Dr. Ben gives the listeners some insight in to what most medical doctors know (or don’t know) about VAERS.

8:42 – Dr. Rose shares with the listeners what exactly VAERS is and what she found when she began to dig into the data.

14:01 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. Rose to share what she would say to someone who claims the increase in adverse reactions is due to the vast number of people being injected and the increase in reporting on the VAERS site.

15:38 – Dr. Rose discusses the backlog in data reporting.

20:48 – Dr. Ben explains what Dr. Rose just described in layman’s terms. Dr. Rose chimes in by telling the listeners when this discrepancy in reporting started and discussed the historical underreporting with VAERS. Dr. Ben and Dr. Rose go in to a deeper discussion of this with data that other statisticians have found as well.

25:53 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. Rose for her comment(s) on the following paper – https://www.researchgate.net/publication/352837543_Analysis_of_COVID-19_vaccine_death_reports_from_the_Vaccine_Adverse_Events_Reporting_System_VAERS_Database_Interim_Results_and_Analysis, where McLaughlin found 86% of deaths had no other explanation beyond the vaccine. Dr. Rose confirms that her research has found similar statistics.

29:00 – Dr. Rose goes through a series of steps that she feels should be taken when a patient presents to a medical provider with a condition they did not have before being injected. Dr. Ben chimes in with an example of this that he has seen. https://newsrescue.com/us-covid-19-vaccines-proven-to-cause-more-harm-than-good-based-on-pivotal-clinical-trial-data-analyzed-using-the-proper-scientific-endpoint-all-cause-severe-morbidity/

33:55 – Dr. Rose shares what a medical device or pharmaceutical historically goes through to gain FDA approval. She goes much deeper in this video – https://youtu.be/Y4MViwU3XOo. During this conversation, she goes in to her concerns in this specific therapy and why.

43:15 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. Rose to speak to the efficacy of this vaccine. Dr. Ben piggybacks on her thoughts by sharing his disdain for the coercion and fear mongering that is happening.

51:30 – Dr. Ben and Dr. Rose both close by giving their final thoughts. Again, you can follow Dr. Rose’s work at https://i-do-not-consent.netlify.app.