On today’s show, Dr. Ben addresses the third Veritas Pillar, Movement. He begins by reminding the listeners that not all calories are created equal and calories in/calories out is an antiquated model that doesn’t work. Insulin is what triggers fat storage. Insulin is released when the blood sugar is spiked with carbohydrates, especially processed carbs. Estrogen is the second factor in fat growth. Not only natural estrogen, but the estrogen mimicking toxins that we have in our environment contribute as well. Finally, growth factors, like inflammation (usually caused by excess iron), make fat growth run rampant in an effort to protect your organs. Exercise is not just to lose weight. When you move, you’re oxygenating, detoxifying, and hydrating the body. That should be your motivation. For the second half of the show, Dr. Ben goes in to the studies showing that sitting is the new smoking. Just take a look back at family photos in the early 1900s. You don’t see obesity. This wasn’t because they were always in a gym working out. It was because food was different then and movement was natural. There is a strong correlation between the low-fat fad and obesity. What you eat has more of an impact on weight than how much you exercise. However, lack of movement has a huge impact on health. The studies that Dr. Ben goes through show that the lack of exercise is as bad as smoking and increases all of the common diseases, like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, etc. A large workout routine at the end of the day doesn’t erase the damage done from sitting all day. Desk jobs account for most of the jobs in America, so it’s imperative that you’re diligent in getting up and moving around several times throughout the day. Dr. Ben shares his favorite exercise techniques and finishes the show by cautioning listeners who exercise to extremes, like marathons, iron man, etc. These types of exercises take their toll on the adrenals and stress hormones.