On today’s show, Dr. Ben visits with Pastor Cody Cochran with Bethel Assembly, Anson. You can find out more about Cody and his ministry at https://www.bethel-anson.com.

You can get more information about the wellness classes offered by Veritas at veritaswellness.health or find more about Veritas Medical (and find archived shows) at veritasmedical.com.

Please note, the introduction for this show was not recorded.

Opening the recording, Dr. Ben answers an investment question from Wade.

1:15 – Dr. Ben gives some statistics surrounding the Covid vaccine. https://vaers.hhs.gov

1:50 – He gives a resource for someone that is analyzing the adverse reactions surrounding the covid vaccine. timtruth.com

2:50 – He shares what they plan to talk about today – the deception that has overcome the Earth.

4:28 – Professor Stoner’s analysis on the chances of the prophecies in the Bible just randomly, by chance, happening. https://www.bibletimelines.net/articles/is-jesus-really-the-messiah

5:41 – Dr. Ben shares a patient story from his conventional medicine days. He uses this as an example to show how diet and lifestyle play a role in finding the root cause of people’s problems.

11:00 – He shares his testimony of what kept him in bondage to the lies he believed.

15:13 – Dr. Ben welcomes Cody Cochran to the show.

16:00 – Cody shares a little of his story and what brought him where he is today.

19:17 – Together, they discuss the Gospel of the Kingdom and its relation to our thoughts, authority, and identity.

22:02 – The kingdom of darkness has no authority over us unless we submit to and agree with it.

23:25 – The power of the mind.

24:40 – Dr. Ben shares a story from his early years of marriage when his wife didn’t need “science” to tell her that butter and whole milk were good for you.

25:43 – Dr. Ben speaks to the importance of water in our body.

26:18 – Dr. Caroline Leaf is a great resource for how the mind and brain work. Her book, Switch on Your Brain, is wonderful. Dr. Ben also interviewed her. You can find that podcast here – https://veritascontent.blob.core.windows.net/audio/YTC08152019.mp3

27:07 – Cody shares how he has been spurred to teach and think differently.

29:18 – Kingdom way vs. the world’s way

30:15 – Deception – you don’t know you’re being deceived.

32:12 – Stress management vs. True Peace

33:50 – Spirit of Sonship vs. the orphan spirit

35:00 – Provision, Protection, and Identity

36:42 – Dr. Ben and Cody share their thoughts about “not forsaking the assembly”.

They finish the show discussing relationship – that with the Lord, our spouses, and our friends.