On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Andrew Wommack.  You can find more information about Andrew at his ministry site, awmi.net.

You can get more information about Veritas, wellness education offered by Veritas, and archived radio shows at veritasmedical.com.

Dr. Ben begins by sharing his journey of learning where true health comes from, speaking to both the physical and spiritual and how they impact each other.

9:36 – Dr. Ben welcomes Andrew to the show and thanks him for the resources he has provided that have made an impact on Dr. Ben in his life.

10:30 – Dr. Ben brings up a testimony from Andrew’s site of a little girl who was failing to thrive.  She experienced divine healing after Andrew prayed for her.  This testimony caught Dr. Ben’s attention as he thought about he would have handled that patient had she been sitting in his office.

12:35 – Andrew shared an update on this young girl, who now as a baby of her own.  Andrew goes on to share a bit of his testimony.

13:56 – Andrew shares a testimony of a woman who received healing by dealing with a hatred she had in her heart for someone.

16:00 – Dr. Ben brings up Mark 7:13 and the factors that keep people bound by the “buts” and “what ifs”.  Andrew speaks to this as well.

18:37 – Dr. Ben responds to Andrew’s comment about it not being one or the other…physical or spiritual.

19:32 – Dr. Ben asks Andrew to share a spiritual principle that impacts the physical realm.  Andrew goes on to talk about who we are in our spirit man.

21:05 – Andrew shares a testimony of his youngest son being raised from the dead.

22:27 – You can find Dr. Ben’s 10 part series, “Why I believe” at https://veritasmedical.com/video-playlist-page/?playlistid=2.

25:51 – Dr. Ben speaks to the power of testimonies – Revelations 12:11

26:50 – Dr. Ben asks Andrew to speak to spiritual laws at play in things like miracles and healings.  Andrew goes on to share about some of these laws.

31:32 – Dr. Ben shares the Dr. Emoto water experiment, focusing on the importance of our words.

32:33 – Andrew brings up Isaiah 45:11, which speaks to our ability to use the authority he has given us.

35:47 – Dr. Ben speaks to the source of the power, dating back to Genesis.

37:55 – Andrew begins to share about Matthew Chapter 10 where Jesus gave us authority over all sickness and demons. 

39:15 – Dr. Ben encourages believers to read Andrew’s book, “Body, Soul, Spirit” so that you can understand how we can have thoughts from either kingdom in our own minds.

40:30 – Dr. Ben asks Andrew to comment on the verse that says, “What you bind on Earth will be bound in Heaven.  What you loose on Earth will be loosed in Heaven.”  You can find more on this in Andrew’s book, “The Believers Authority: What you didn’t learn in church”.

43:44 – Andrew speaks to why the Body of Christ doesn’t see more of this, relating to a lack of knowledge.  The truth will set you free, but only the truth you know can set you free.

44:42 – Dr. Ben reminds listeners to come back to listen to part 2 of Midon’s testimony next week on the show.

45:35 – Andrew shares some of the resources available on Andrew’s site, and he and Dr. Ben go on to share what our focus should be on.

48:25 – Dr. Ben thanks Andrew for being on the show today.