shortbread cupcake stand

Shortbread Cupcakes

Cupcakes: ingredients 1 ½ cup fresh-milled soft white flour 2 tablespoons arrowroot powder 1 teaspoon baking powder ¼ teaspoon of salt ½ cup sugar (I

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apple sauce

Baked Apple Sauce

This simple recipe is hands-down my favorite thing to do with apples. It just says, “Fall,” to me when my house smells like baking spiced

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Grain Free Hamburger Buns

Makes 6 hamburger buns or 8 hot dog buns. ingredients 1 1/4 cup almond flour 5 Tablespoons psyllium husk powder (if you cannot find it in the baking aisle check

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Dinner Rolls

Buttery and garlicky, these rolls are to die for! Make sure you don’t miss the recipe notes below for make-ahead tips, a cinnamon/sugar version of

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taco soup

Taco Soup

This is one of the quickest, one pot, savory dishes you can make! It’s perfect if you’re in the beginning stages of the Veritas Healing Diet since

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refried black beans

Refried Black Beans

I think a little Tex Mex is in order. This is West TX, after all, and as of the time of this posting, it’s almost

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These are a super easy lunch or appetizer to make. I’ve even put leftover quesadilla triangles in my kids lunch boxes and the variations are endless.

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Serves about 4 depending no how much you pile on each chip. (pretty and grain-free…whaaaat?!) A friend of mine made a plate of these for her husband

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